It was the hottest day of the year so far in Seattle’s Rainier Beach neighborhood, where local activists, vendors, artists, and community members gathered for the Rainier Beach Mutual Aid on July 25, 2021. Singers, poets, and musicians performed while people came in and out, taking what they needed, from clothes to tents to hot Ethiopian food, and staying to hang out and enjoy the event.

The lineup of performers ranged from local activist and politician Nikkita Oliver to our very own project, Vibes. But one of the most memorable sets of the day was Seattle rapper Fonti. Having never previously heard any of his original music, less than halfway through a song you would find yourself shouting the chorus along with him. There was a point where it felt like nearly every person in attendance was trying to get near the stage to get into his set. 

Fast forward two months, Fonti has just dropped his new single, Green Light.

The track is propelled by a Trent Reznor-influenced beat that combines vintage style drum machines and a robotic rhythm track. The producer sends you straight into The Matrix. 

Fonti speaks with a cold confidence. His lyrics could be about anything, for me it’s his delivery that moves the song. As the tension builds Fonti keeps everything suspended in motion; while the chorus is literally a whisper, it commands attention.

In 2:39 Fonti combines the elements to land somewhere between sneaking into a warehouse in the middle of the night and driving a fast car on an otherwise-empty highway.

As for what’s next, Fonti plans to release an album in September 2021. If it is consistent with his current trajectory, Fonti could cause a splash big enough to ripple even further than the Seattle underground scene. In the meantime, check out Greenlight on Spotify, YouTube or Soundcloud and let us know what you think!